Monday, 18 February 2013

[Outdated] Password settings Community Edition

SugarCRM Community Edition comes with password generation settings by default, and it is not configurable from admin panel.

You can change it by changing config_override.php file.

// Showing default values, change it as per your need 

// System generated password true/false
$sugar_config['passwordsetting']['SystemGeneratedPasswordON'] = true;

// Sent email to user with system generated password, email template id
$sugar_config['passwordsetting']['generatepasswordtmpl'] = '42378328-8034-a0f5-ae7b-510f7f8cc422';

// Sent email when asked for lost password, email template id
$sugar_config['passwordsetting']['lostpasswordtmpl'] = '4ebb5a24-1ab4-4c07-19d0-510f7f4b3a2b';

// Allow user to ask for forgot password true/false
$sugar_config['passwordsetting']['forgotpasswordON'] = true;

// Link sent for reset/system generated password expires true/false
$sugar_config['passwordsetting']['linkexpiration'] = true;

// Link sent for
reset/system generated password expires in integer
$sugar_config['passwordsetting']['linkexpirationtime'] = 24;

// Link sent for
reset/system generated password expires in Minutes(1), Hours(60), Days(1440) 0 is false
$sugar_config['passwordsetting']['linkexpirationtype'] = 60;

// System generated password expiration true/false

$sugar_config['passwordsetting']['systexpiration'] = 1;

// System generated password expiration time in integer 
$sugar_config['passwordsetting']['systexpirationtime'] = 7;

// System generated password expiration in Days(1), Weeks (7), 30 (Months)
0 is false
$sugar_config['passwordsetting']['systexpirationtype'] = '0';

// Password expires after N number of logins

$sugar_config['passwordsetting']['systexpirationlogin'] = '';

// Restriction on user/system generated password

// Minimum length of password integer
$sugar_config['passwordsetting']['minpwdlength'] = 6;

// One Upper Case character mandatory true/false
$sugar_config['passwordsetting']['oneupper'] = true;

// One lower case character mandatory true/false
$sugar_config['passwordsetting']['onelower'] = true;

// One numeric integer mandatory true/false 
$sugar_config['passwordsetting']['onenumber'] = true;

Hope this helps.

Feel free to leave your comments.


  1. What's the value of modifying config/config_override than simply Admin -> Password Management (index.php?module=Administration&action=PasswordManager) ? What configuration parameters exactly are opened up by this?

  2. Thanks Matthew for your comment! I need to mark this article as outdated, as I just checked with SugarCRM Community Edition v6.5.14 and found, it does not support the settings like minpwdlength, oneupper, onelower, onenumber anymore, while in past it was.

  3. So any idea how to set the password on v6.5.14? Thanks

  4. Hello,

    You can set password from Admin > User Management > Edit user > Password tab. That works if you have not set "Enable System-Generated Passwords Feature"(Admin > Password management) to true.

  5. Hi what i mean is to control the password length and uppercase and lowercase.. thanks

  6. Hello, That needs to be done manually. Override the variables explained in post.

  7. Sorry, even if you do it manually, SugarCRM CE version do not support that feature.


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