Monday, 11 March 2013

Create Controls, Sugar way!


Have you ever wondered, how can I create an input/date/dropdown control without manually writing the html tags in SugarCRM?

If you dint find the solution, there you go!! Worth appreciating ;)

$moduleName = '<Your_module_name>';
$oModule = BeanFactory::getBean($moduleName);
$fieldName = '<Your_field_name> ';
echo getControl($moduleName, $fieldName, $oModule->getFieldDefinition($fieldName), "");

I can hear the grand Applause! ;)


  1. cool! great tips! thanks for sharing this! i will try to use this one.. it could help it on my job at you could share more.. thanks again.. God bless..

    Remjo Gonzales

  2. Excellent tip

    Thanks for posting it


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